Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump, Alberta CA

Looking for an incredibly cool place to visit — go to the cliff and interpretive center of Head-Smashed-In-Buffalo Jump in southern Alberta CA just north of Waterton National Park.  The Blackfeet have created an amazing place to visit — at one of the oldest cliffs used to drive herds of bison to their death and feed, clothe and supply clans of Blackfeet through long hard winters in the frozen North.  With months of preparation, and careful preservation of knowledge on how bison think and act, Blackfeet clans were able to set bison into a stampede before horses were introduced to North America and thus hunt large numbers of bison that were the main source of food, clothing, tents, utensils, hunting and gathering implements, water pouches and beautiful art for the Blackfeet.  This center is amazing — 5700 years of bone debris strata show long use over the past 10,000 years before the horse changed hunting. I won’t explain the name– go visit!!

Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump



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