Mayagna in Nicaragua celebrate having their territorial rights

Pueblo Mayangna commemorates the restitution of their rights in the 14th anniversary of the Awastigni case in the International Human Rights court

Awastigni anniversary

The community of Awastigni in the Amasau territory of the Mayagna Peoples of Nicaragua hosted a celebration of the 14th anniversary of an historic ruling in Latin America by the International Human Rights Court reclaiming their rights to 62,000 hectares that had unjustly been granted to a timber concession of Sol del Caribe S.A. (SOLCARSA) by the Nicaraguan government.  This ruling is historic for the Mayagna and also set a key precedent for other Indigenous Peoples of Central America and South America to gain restitution of land and territories and rights over natural resources.  What a great anniversary!


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