Did you know Alaska Hwy cut right through Tlingit land but they kept their communities?

IMG_4831 IMG_4829

In 1942, the US sent troops to Canada to build the ALCAN-Alaska Canada Highway and protect north america from the Japanese during the war.  But no one noticed they were ‘invading’ Tlingit territory.

The Tlingit survived contact anyway, despite the insensitivity of the war effort and bad disease outbreaks.

A wonderful museum tells the story with wonderful photos by a Tlingit photographer — George Johnston.

Amazing resource in Teslin, CA

Picturing a People: George Johnston, Tlingit Photographer

1997, 50 min.
Canada, Documentary, Docudrama

Director: Carol Geddes (Tlingit)
Producer: George Hargrave, Sally Bochner
Writer: Carol Geddes (Tlingit)
Produced by: Nutaaq Media Inc., National Film Board of Canada

This portrait of George Johnson, who made a remarkable photographic record of his people during the first half of the twentieth-century, is done by a filmmaker from the same inland Tlingit village in Canada.


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